high quality wax sponge pad sponge wax pad magic clay bar pad

high quality wax sponge pad sponge wax pad magic clay bar pad

Model No.︰BT-6019

Brand Name︰OEM

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 1 / pc

Minimum Order︰300 pc

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Product Description

Unique qualities of microfiber allow for unequalled application of Show Stopper car polish.Ultra fine microfibers absorb the wax into the sponge.When applying, wax exudes evenly from the sponge and leaves no applicator marks.An absolute must for a perfect Show Stopper finish.It has a small pocket to hold it when waxing
Microfiber wax applicator bonnet:
1)       Ideal for car care
2)       It could remove the wax without scratching
3)       Excellent cleaning ability and durable
4)       Cleaning car without chemical, lint free
5)       No bad smell or stink
6)       Machine wash available
7)Materials: microfiber 80% polyester, 20% polyamide or 70% 
polyester, 30% polyamide
High-elastic sponge sandwich refined, comfortable, good elasticity; surface through high-tech processing, strong detergency, not to hurt the hand; easy to clean, dry, clean
Natural health, environmental protection, not to hurt the skin, any surface can be used, not moldy, not greasy, not bacteria, not raw smell! Difficult to stick their oil, then washed with water, non-heavy oil-free detergent
Side of the screen mercerizing bright fabrics (similar to the steel ball, easy to clean dirt and heavy objects, but did not wire the feeling of the ball too hard, the object of cleaning will not cause damage and scratches) (double-sided dual-use design)
Microfiber design side, as that is the middle of ultra-high capacity of absorbing contamination of high-quality sponge layer composite, with high water absorption capacity

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